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1st January 2019

Hay, haylage and straw for sale

Hay, straw and silage for sale

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NOTE: Longhay Ltd have not inspected any of the forage advertised here and buyers must make their own enquiries with the sellers regarding quality, availability, cost, loading arrangements etc.


2018/19 Season adverts wanted.


Reference     Feeding stuff       Quantity       Location     Date added


RAP2 Meadow hay. Up to 300 small round bales. North Yorkshire 01/01/19 More details

LON169 Wheat straw. Quantity of medium square bales. Bedfordshire 30/08/18 More details

SOG2 Grass silage. 500 tons clamped grass silage Somerset 30/08/18 More details

LON163 Meadow hay. Around 300 small conventional bales. Bedfordshire 30/08/18 More details

LON168 Wheat straw. 150 4 foot rounds plus 1000 conventional bales wheat straw . Northamptonshire 27/08/18 More details

LON167 Barley straw. Quantity of full hestons. East Midlands 8/08/18 More details

LON166 Meadow hay. 300 full hestons. Northamptonshire 8/08/18 More details

DAW1 Meadow hay. 100 x 5 foot round bales. East Sussex 8/08/18 More details

LEW3 Meadow hay. 14 x 4 foot round bales. Wiltshire 8/08/18 More details

LON165 Seeds hay. 2,000 small conventional bales. Rutland 28/07/18 More details

LON164 Wheat straw. Large quantity full hesston bales. East Midlands/Eastern Counties 28/07/18 More details

UAG1 Meadow hay. 176 standard (conventional?) bales. Hampshire 12/07/18 More details

ADA2 Meadow hay. 300 round bales. Kent 12/07/18 More details

YAT2 Seeds hay. Quantity of small conventional bales. Kent 25/06/18 More details

ETS3 Meadow hay. Around 450 small conventional bales. Worcestershire 24/06/18 More details