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15th July 2018

Hay, haylage and straw for sale

Forage wanted


If you are searching for hay or haylage anywhere in the UK please check the 'Hay, straw and silage' and 'haylage' adverts but if you cannot find what you want please contact John Barber at Longhay Ltd. Tel: 07703 330988 or e-mail: info@longhay.co.uk We will help if we can.  


We are currently looking for the following:


1. Timothy hay is most bale sizes. Particularly interested in timothy from a pure stand.


2. 3 x 4 medium square bales wheat straw. Must be good quality and dry. Large quanity required. Loading needed. (Aug 2017).


3. Reliable UK suppliers of good quality lucerne/alfalfa hay or haylage. Differing quantities bale sizes and delivery arrangements.


If you may be able to help please contact John Barber - contact details are at the top of the page.